I’ve discussed this on air these past couple of days and mentioned it again today. Jacob Blake crossed cops’s path because the woman he’s charged with sexually assaulting was scared and called police when Blake showed up at her home and wouldn’t leave. Police were going to arrest him because he violated the restraining order reportedly against him from the May assault.

I talked about Blake’s shooting last week along with the open warrant for his arrest. Democrats’s presidential ticket repeatedly expressed support for Blake — who is on video fighting with officers (again, called by the victim), was not subdued by taser, and would not stop reaching in his car as officers tried to detain him:

Why haven’t Democrats expressed support for Blake’s victim, whose experience was overshadowed by Blake’s trend of unwise decisions after she called the police? Why has there been zero condemnation of Blake’s actions that created this situation in the first place? Why are professional sports teams and politicians celebrating a guy who fought with cops called by his reported female victim who wanted Blake to simply stop assaulting her?

WNBA spells out Blake’s name and celebrated him on their jerseys.

It’s because Democrats don’t care about “believe all women” or “empowering women” or any other bumper sticker slogan manufactured to express concern without action. “Believe all women” unless they decenter Marxist male influence. “Believe all women” only if the injustice the woman experienced can be used for political purposes, and if it cannot, then ignore it. Whether it’s a woman left to drown in a pond or left with a stained blue dress as a legacy, a woman’s suffering is justified by whether or not it inconveniences Marxist privilege.

Drew Brees wears Jacob Blake’s name on his helmet.

We may never hear from Blake’s victim — or about her — as cities burn anew because an accused sexual predator fought with cops.