Bloomberg Announces Plan for National Permits to Access Second Amendment Rights

Earlier today former NYC mayor and head of the gun control lobby, Michael Bloomberg, used Aurora Colorado as the backdrop for his presidential gun control policy: a permit system to access Second Amendment Rights. Bloomberg announces he wants a nationwide permit for people to obtain before being able to buy a gun: "I know critics […]

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Pelosi: House Is Moving Forward On Impeachment

This Morning On Fox and Friends Talking Pamela Karlan

Friday December 6

Thursday December 5 - Full Show

Nancy Pelosi announces she is moving forward with Articles of Impeachment. Rep. Al Green was mad there were no constitutional lawyers of color at the impeachment hearings. A Black Lives Matter protester interrupted a Buttigieg town hall in South Carolina. Whole Foods Magazine names Mitch McConnell Person of the Year for his stance on hemp. Wall Street Journal writes the Trump tax cuts have lowered the burden on the US. An ad running for a Democrat’s Congressional campaign mocks gun violence.

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