It’s Not a Protest, It’s a Revolution

One of the most powerful moments in modern politics occurred during the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Senator Lindsay Graham, in a moment of unguarded raw emotional reaction, spoke for half the nation as he angrily read off the accusations against Kavanaugh, whose wife and family were visible over his shoulder throughout the hearing. “Are […]

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This is What the Second Amendment is for

Sunday Night Reading: St. Louis in Turmoil, Van Jones’s Betrayal

Sunday July 12

Friday July 10 - Full Show

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Coronavirus cases surge in Texas. Migrants are bringing COVID-19 across the border. Cancel Culture comes for Goya Foods after its CEO praises President Trump. We go to callers for Open Line Friday. Baseball is making adjustments before its Opening Day two weeks away.

“Dana Loesch is one of the most compelling voices of our generation”


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