It’s nearly 10am central time and Iowa Democrats still do not have a clear caucus winner. All the candidates gave speeches posturing on victory, then hightailed it to New Hampshire. I covered everything last night here. Now Biden is demanding answers — likely because he severely underperformed despite having the advantage of three competitions tied up with impeachment back in the Senate. We’re told that results may not be released today, even. Buttigieg gave a weird parting speech last night wherein it absolutely sounded like he was claiming victory. This morning he verbally tripped all over the set trying to walk it back:

Andrew Yang blamed … Trump:

Well, Republicans did understand it which is why there wasn’t a problem with them last night. Does Yang even know how caucuses function differently from primaries? Unlike primaries, caucuses are not government controlled. They’re entirely planned, operated, and funded by his party. His own party developed the poorly-constructed app (by former Clinton and Obama staffers, sayeth Twitter; more background here and here) that they, his party, used. His own party used coin-tosses to determine precincts. This response makes him look like an out-of-touch clown. Right when I think no one could possibly be more Michael Bloomberg than Bloomberg, Yang asks America to hold his beer.

We’ve got a great app for you this year that will make the whole caucus process more transparent.

#MayorCheat is trending on Twitter because Democrats are accusing Buttigieg of cheating while claiming that Sanders won and blaming Russia for all of the problems. Really?

Meanwhile, this was the angle CBS took:

Because apparently pointing out grievous mistakes is worse than actually making said grievous mistakes. For crying out loud, this is America. Our pastimes are baseball and yelling at each other over political issues town hall forums. This is stuff that our DNA practically prevents us from screwing up — unless it’s orchestrated or those involved are really so terrifyingly incompetent, and it may be a bit of both. If Democrats and their media cohorts dislike this speculation, then perhaps they should focus on operating better caucuses.

The Iowa Caucus was a real test of the socialist strength within the party. Biden may be leading for now in some of the general election polls but this won’t last long when he starts racking up primary and caucus losses and his firewall collapses in South Carolina — as some polls are indicating. The years that Democrats used their socialist extremists as GOTV apparatuses were the years they should have been fighting said socialists within the party, thwarting their influence and outreach. Instead, their lust for power blinded them to the one long game they needed to pay for survival: the fight for control of their own party. Now their fight is futile. Democrats could very well completely their full conversion to socialism with a socialist nominee.