Earlier this year I wrote about the disastrous effect of New York’s cashless bail reform law that saw stalkers, bank robbers; and those charged with gun crimes, second-degree manslaughter, among others, released back into the streets. Now NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is says the law should be just amended with judges’ discretion (which was used and then canceled in the bank robber case) reinstated.

“I think there’s a form of judicial discretion with appropriate checks and balances, really clear guard rails that will help us to address some of the outstanding issues,” de Blasio told a panel of Democratic lawmakers during a legislative budget hearing on local governments Monday … “The bail reforms were the right thing to do.”

Remember — stalkers and those convicted of “gun crimes” are ineligible for pretrial detention under this reform, meaning they can walk until trial. Judicial discretion isn’t the only thing this law needs, a total repeal is in order.