Woman of the people, Hillary Clinton, charged the children's outreach organization $200,000 for a speaking gig.

From Politico:

Few of the groups talked publicly about their payments for Clinton speeches, citing concerns about angering the family or violating provisions in the speaking arrangements.

But fundraising experts and people affiliated with some nonprofits on the list — including the Boys and Girls Club — grumbled that the hefty price tag for securing a Clinton speech is a significant drain on small charities’ fundraising and that community-based nonprofits could put the money to better use.

It’s not uncommon for charities to build fundraising events around speakers with “star power” to sell tickets, even if the strategy doesn’t always pay dividends, said Marc A. Pitman, a nonprofit fundraising coach. Such speakers are often expected to return some portion of the speaking fee as a “gift to the club or sponsorship of an event or underwriter for some outreach.” It’s less common, he said, for “a bigger nonprofit to raise funds by speaking to smaller nonprofits. I don’t know of any other foundation that collects speaking fees.”

A Boys and Girls Club volunteer who helped plan Hillary Clinton’s appearance said the arrangement “felt more like a pay-to-play type thing.”

Notes Daily Mail:

In 2007, when Bill Clinton headlined the event, he charged the group $150,000 and kept the money for himself


By contrast, the club made $106,000 off the lunchtime, charity event – its lowest yield in 25 years. A contributing factor to the diminished proceeds: Clinton's large entourage. It reportedly took up seats that would have otherwise been sold to donors.

Had to include from Twitter: