Every morning the cable news channels (Fox included) carry Andrew Cuomo discussing the state of New York and what the Wuhan Coronavirus hotspot of America is doing to control and stem the tide. But why New York? Why not, say, California? Or Florida? Or Texas? I’m genuinely curious. I asked Twitter (read the responses here).

Media has poured on the praise to the point where it’s made me suspicious. Cuomo is doing a good job with his response as New York Governor, but — to just play out this theory — if the gambit is a Cuomo convention insurgency will the past couple of weeks plus media praise be enough to make independents, moderates forget about his record?

Over the weekend Cuomo inadvertently blew up a narrative against Trump:

Meanwhile, here is the Democrats’ current frontrunner, addressing people via livestream from presumably his home:

Personally, I think Cuomo is playing for 2024. Pretty stark contrast between him and Biden, though, don’t you think?