Before I tuck into a glass of milk for the night (I’ll save the brandy for tomorrow, thank you; I’m early to bed for media tomorrow) I want to share with you some of the highlights from my day.

This morning I kicked off the 2010 Smart Girl Summit by speaking on conservative feminism. I’ve written about reclaiming and repurposing the word (which does away with its power nowadays used as a weapon) as such:

… popularly-defined feminism isn’t about liberating women from the patriarchy but about beholding them to a political party whose policies clearly impact women negatively … Right-thinking feminism is liberation of women from that.

I also spoke on a panel about grassroots activism filled with lovely activists and moderated by Liberty Central’s Ginni Thomas. Afterwards, PJTV’s live coverage.

Interview with Liz Cheney. Incredible woman with an unmatched insight into foreign policy:

I’ve been streaming live for PJTV all afternoon and today interviewed Kerry Picket of the Washington TimesSonnie Johnson (fellow cast mate from “Fire From the Heartland”), Marjorie Dannenfelser with the Susan B. Anthony List, the lovely Karen Harrington who’s challenging Debbie “the economy is fine” Wasserman Schultz, ACORN whistle-blower Anita MonCrief, President of Smart Girl Politics Stacy Mott, Ginni Thomas (love her) of Liberty Central, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who I’ve always found to be incredibly gracious and accommodating.

Watch PJTV as these archived interviews will post soon.

Some photos. Haven’t had a chance to take any myself because when I wasn’t talking or chugging coffee (I screwed myself by forgetting that I lost an hour of sleep due to time zone) I was holding the PJTV mic.

Talking “Fire From the Heartland” with Rep. Bachmann. She is positively tiny:

Hit for AC360 at CNN’s Washington bureau:

I also had the pleasure of speaking with the Armchair Energist and Fingers Malloy with FTR Radio. Wicked fun.

Amazing day, inspiring ladies, fantastic organization. Day two tomorrow.

More photos, video, etc. to come.