Yes! Every few years I write a book and then spend every other word out of my mouth discussing said book because that’s what authors coming out with books do, no matter how awkward it feels, so thank you for riding with me.

TONIGHT I’m doing a Facebook live-signing for Premiere Collectibles for preordered copies (order yours here; view the signing here). I’m half-tempted to put a sticker or smiley face or something inside one of the books and seeing where it goes (and perhaps following it up by sending some merch from my much-loved sponsors over that recipient’s way).

Tomorrow I’ll be on “Fox and Friends,” time TBA, to discuss some of the personal aspects of the book (there is stuff in this I had to clear with legal, even); I’ll also be on with Kennedy, Martha MacCallum, and others; plus all over radio (not just my program) — and yes I will be watching the debate and preparing you for Biden’s Last Stand the South Carolina Democratic Primary. For up to the minute appearances, etc, check my Facebook page.