Anti-gun advocates are debuting a new <fingers>comedy</fingers> from a no-name writer/director Matt Cooper called—and the originality of this will thrill you—“Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?” Judging by the trailer, in which I assumer Cooper put the worst parts of the movie, you'll wish you had one to end whatever misery incurred if you're forced to watch this movie. (And because anti-gun advocates are situationally overly-sensitive, they're going to have a fit over that joke.)

A bunch of lesser-known or unknown people, not including including John Heard and Cloris Leachman (good for her, still being alive and all!), and that dude from “The Office” (I didn't watch the US version) stretch a no-sex-until-you-disarm story for one hour and 35 minutes. The characters are phenomonally original:

The crotchety old lady who cusses because old people cussing is funny!

The young woman who dresses Kelly Bundy-slutty! (Is that what Leachman meant by “proper sluts?”)

The woman who apparently has such a sad sex life that she'd rather have a banana boat from DQ!

And a bunch of men who have guns and Pavlovian responses to intercourse! Get it? Because men are dumb and women are dumb and they have no other means of debate beyond sex and also they totally don't like guns!

I initially thought that I would hate this movie because of its fetishized prejudice against inanimate objects like firearms. I do, don't get me wrong, but I hate it equally for being so dippy and insulting to both men and women.