I'll spare you a long set up. Some woman at Huffington Post equated abortions to the Second Amendment. Behold. (Before you click, it's an investment of a couple of minutes and you don't get that time back.)

An excerpt:

When it comes to buying a gun in the U.S., however, these restrictions are far and few between. Most of the guns used in mass shootings were purchased legally.

While women around the country have to travel insane distances and are subjected to invasive questioning, procedures and harassment in order to get an abortion, almost anyone can walk into Walmart and buy a gun.

1) Regarding the “purchased legally,” the government failed in Charleston. It also failed in Virginia and in Tucson.

2) If you're arguing that “purchased legally” is the norm, then you're arguing that the NICS system you want to expand is too faulty to work.

3) Planned Parenthood is the worst choice for women's care. They offer a fraction of services that community health centers offer and community health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics ten to one.

4) You shouldn't be able to walk into a Walmart and murder an infant out of convienence. But anyone can walk into Walmart and purchase birth control, with which this author must become acquainted. (And tell her party to stop opposing the GOP bill to make it over the counter.)

5) No one is federally funded to purchase a gun, unless you're part of the Fast and Furious program which saw the US Government give guns to underprivileged drug lords south of the border.

6) There are more babies aborted than there are gun owners in the United States.

The original article from two years ago that apparently sparked this barely literate meme was no better and HuffPo's expounding on it with a reckless abandon for logic makes it even more ridiculous.