These threatening comments appeared on the page of Dallas Safari Club on Facebook. The Club sent us these images after they reported them.

Unbelievably, Facebook sees no problem with that statement. They think it's fine that someone threatens to wipe out other humans with an AK-47 and a grenade? Let's hope this was an oversight in the review process.

Ben Carter Executive Director of Dallas Safari Club sent us this exclusive statement.

“We place a high priority on educating the public on the differences between regulated hunting and poaching. One of the many ways in which we go about this is via social media. Facebook restricts and removes certain posts pertaining to lawful hunting while, at the same time, allowing a fanatical sect of rabid anti-hunters to threaten to execute an entire office staff. These are the same kinds of people who have previously threatened to murder my children, all because they refuse to accept the facts that revenue generated by lawful, regulated hunting is vital to the continued survival of big game species in Africa and around the world.”

We see it time and time again where the peaceful and thoughtful actions of hunters who support and fund conservation efforts are silenced and shamed while the fringe elements of progressive ecoterrorists are coddled and protected. Make your voice heard in support of Dallas Safari Club against these cruel and unhinged public threats.