The segments from tonight.

A couple of points:

1. By answering “arms” individuals are forced to examine the broad implications of what that means. (And it exposes their prejudice.)

2. I’m not sure why Morgan insists that the AR-15 was “banned.” I wasn’t able to finish my remarks on this, but my point was that the rifle itself was not banned, rather it was considered banned if it had 3 or more accessories (scope, grip, etc.) attached to it.

3. Scottie Hughes has lost a family member and understands the need for self-protection. I myself have been in the position of needing firearms for self defense and defense of my family. I’ve explained this on my radio show before. Back in 2009, some folks who didn’t appreciate my viewpoints threatened my life and the lives of my children. I had to reach out to law enforcement  and other security. The first thing they told me was to get a firearm if I didn’t have one. The second thing they told me was to get a conceal carry license. Law enforcement informed me that they can’t be there all the time, as great as I think they are. I was told to “take steps to protect yourself.” I had rifles, but purchased my first personal handgun nearly five years ago as a result of that experience. So yes, I absolutely do know what it’s like to face a threat and because of that I oppose any attempt to create more victims by removing from law-abiding citizens their ability to protect themselves and their families.

The Right Scoop also has the video in full here.

This from Twitchy:

If only Loesch would admit that she doesn’t need a tank, then she certainly doesn’t need an AR-15 either, right? Limits are important, so what makes you think you need 100 rounds of ammo? Or 10 rounds of ammo? Seven? That sounds about right, but certainly not eight. Seven.

*The Gateway Pundit also chimes in and shares this great video of when we took a bunch of friends with us to the range for a day.