Happy Sunday, friends. This is what I’m watching right now as we barrel full-speed into a new week of this pandemic. Encouragement at the end.

The big news tonight: Democrats blocked economic assistance to Americans during the pandemic with a party-line vote on procedure:

They didn’t exactly “kill it,” it was a procedural vote to progress to debate if you want to hammer a technicality, but for all intents and purposes it’s a done bill. To put it simply, Democrats didn’t even want to debate it (they could have amended it), they just blew it up. Pelosi flew in after a week’s vacation to blow up a bill that began as a bipartisan bill from day one.

– McConnell blasts Democrats on the defeated “stimulus” package. Rare to see him this angry on the floor:

McConnell says he’s going to bring it up for a vote again tomorrow with the markets open. This is him telling Democrats to bring it.

Schumer and Democrats (after verbatim describing the bill as “bipartisan”) now object to their own suggestions on helping businesses weather the economic storm of this pandemic. Now they would rather the businesses be skipped, a thousand dollars given to workers, which means most of the businesses will go belly-up within the next month – several months leading to an insane unemployment rate. You can’t simply only support the worker — they have to have a job they can return to, a job from which they can continue to earn a living. You can tell some of these folks have never had to make payroll much less have ever operated their own business. This is basic econ 101, folks. What it is not like is TARP. I stringently opposed the bailouts of companies that made garbage decisions and tanked their own finances. I’m not saying I’m comfortable with it, but it’s absolutely insane that these people don’t know the difference between poor business choices that lead to financial fail and a once-in-a-century GLOBAL PANDEMIC, the response to which is the government enacting some quasi-eminent domain and closing businesses thus preventing commerce.

– As I type this, Trump is holding a press conference with the Wuhan Coronavirus Task Force. “This wasn’t a financial crisis, this was a medical crisis,” he says of the economic response to the pandemic. Important talking point for getting conservatives all in line. More on this on tomorrow’s program.

 WATCH: Dr. Fauci Slams the Media for Continually Trying to ‘Divide’ Him and Trump 

– Believe it or not, Illinois’s governor said that gun stores are “essential” and exempted them from shut down. !!

– I’ll delve into this on tomorrow’s program:

– Credit here to Axios here, an entity I’ve been fairly critical of in the past, for grilling communist China’s spox:

– Rand Paul tests positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus, Bill Kristol is angry that he was tested.

– Just last week the media blasted Trump for essentially saying what Andrew Cuomo says here:

– This lady is going viral for simple, humorous advice:

I want your evening to end on a good note. This is one of my favorite stories from late last week: An opera singer in Spain brings her quarantined neighbors to tears with her phenomenal, emotional performance. Rarely do I get chills from video (as opposed to real life), but I did from this.

From my Instagram account, a story of two people whose union we are celebrating differently during this pandemic.

Be encouraged! We are made to be beacons of light in dark times. Have courage, we’ve got this and God’s got us.