Two stories have my attention the most tonight. The first is the couple pictured with their guns in the Central West End part of my hometown St. Louis. A massive march of protestors arrived at this residential neighborhood to target St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson for this. Here is the video:

Laurie Skrivan,  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Getting the obvious out of the way, as I said on Twitter, they need to: learn better handling of their firearms, 2) Have a home defense plan (you have a fire escape plan, have a home defense plan, i.e. home invasion, and practice drills), 3) Considering the weeks-long broadcasts of violence, fire, and destruction wrought by angry mons, of course they’re scared. Missouri recognizes castle doctrine and the couple also have the right to exercise their Second Amendment rights and they were clearly rattled from being threatened — that said, one top responsibility when you’re armed is de-escalation. You never point the gun at anything you aren’t prepared to shoot. It is reinforced in every class I’ve ever taken over the past 15 years. It’s not weak to want to protect our rights from politically-motivated prosecutors, what’s weak is to excuse an absence of training or preparation by feigning outrage when it’s noticed. It’s also weak sauce to act like marching through residential neighborhoods isn’t an escalation of tactics we’ve seen the past month where daytime protests diminish into nighttime riots (and sometimes in broad daylight, too) with businesses looted and burned, people attacked, and threats of going to people’s homes — this all coupled with Democrats’s new “defund the police” policy. Just earlier in my hometown, not more than a 15 minute drive from that stately city CWE home seen above, people had the hell beaten out of them over a statue. My hometown has been somewhat of a powder keg for some time, first with ACORN, then MORE and the Ferguson riots, with some OWS sprinkled in-between. Sorry leftists, you don’t get the privilege of shaming people for trying to protect themselves and their home after you excused the violence and destruction blared from around the country straight into our homes every night for weeks on end. (Also isn’t the first time this has happened. Here’s the husband of the LA County DA.)


Van Jones crossed the imaginary right-left DMZ zone by working with the Trump administration on police reform. As I discussed in Grace Canceled, the left considers this a betrayal. The establishment of common ground on any issue is forbidden. I also think their curbside pickup at the Torches and Pitchforks Store is punishment for his “white liberal Hillary voters” remark. That said, if the left was truly serious about this issue they’d welcome to opportunity to influence the President on the merits of their argument and see what commonalities exist between themselves and the right, to the benefit of the issue and those affected — but to the left, it isn’t the issue they serve or the people within it, it’s their own self interest.