Earlier today I spotted reduced-priced Mizzou merchandise at my local Dierberg's, a regional supermarket.

It would appear Dierbergs grocers have weighed in on the Mizzou issue. No doubt, this is at an irrational point in the college football season to liquidate team gear. Tiger fans eat, live, and breathe Mizzou. The good news is fans can now pick up their gear at 50% off regular price … at the Fenton Crossing location.

And no, the irony is not lost on the fact that this all began with a hunger strike. Good move Dierbergs!

Local radio personality Jimi Pirtle called the store:

A young man paused when I asked “My friend told me you have Mizzou merchandise half off” Oddly he said “Sir let me send you to my store manager” as he was transferring me I heard him tell someone “… they were just asking about… “ She (manager) answered and I asked the same question and her voice was not one wanting to sell me anything. I said so it's all gone, was it all on clearance or something? She said” Sir all I can tell you is it's all gone.” This may be a nothing burger and bad timing on their part, I got the feeling I wasn't the first one to call.

Is it a result of the hoopla? Mizzoui merch was the only discounted collegiate merchandise. Did Dierbergs reduce the price of Mizzou merch at their other locations, too? Why?

We've reached out to Dierbergs for comment and will update.