Just when we thought it was safe to go back to chicken sandwiches as usual…

Mere hours after I left the Des Peres Chik Fil A location last night, after the business had closed for the evening, the anti-Chik Fil A protesters showed their true colors. Those who had been too cowardly to stand up for their beliefs in front of paying customers and evening news reporters came back under cover of darkness to say what they were too, well, chikin to say in the light of day.

Along with their willingness to disrupt a legitimate business by causing them to spend time and money cleaning up the nasty messages, they made it clear that their message of “tolerance” only extends to those with whom they agree. And after the well-publicized vandalism of the Chik Fil A in Torrance, CA, the Missouri vandals also proved that they lack the creativity to even come up with their own message.

Thus far there has been no local media coverage of this story. Local networks sent cameras to locations last night in which the media representatives outnumbered the protesters, but no one as yet has covered the vandalism perpetrated by the “peaceful protesters.”

I received the tip on this story from a fellow Chik Fil A patron from last night who happened to drive by this morning and see the “free expression” of the “tolerant” left. The manager on duty when I called quickly confirmed the story, saying that local police had been notified. They believe that their security cameras were able to catch the vandals in the act, and fully expect that local authorities will be able to apprehend them.