I’m not sure if this is Maureen Stemberg as referenced in the upcoming Allred “bomb” (quotes to ridicule), but there are some interesting similarities that are impossible to ignore. From Kyle Raccio:

There’s also this pretty bigotry:

The Maureen Stemberg listed here claims to know both Mitt and Ann Romney.

She takes shots at Ann Romney here:

She’s quite a prolific participant over at Huffington Post.

This is her avatar on the site:

This is what Google shows as Maureen Sullivan Stemberg photos:

Is this the brunette Maureen Stemberg on Huffington Post writing anti-Romney, anti-Mormon post after anti-Romney, anti-Mormon post the same brunette Maureen Sullivan Stemberg in the Allred story? I won’t pull a Crooks and Liars, but the similarities are interesting.

More on Stemberg.

*UPDATE: The Maureen Stemberg on HuffPo says it IS her:

Impostor? Possibly, though a really odd choice for impersonation.

h/t Kyle Raccio

*This Stemberg threatens to reveal more information:

The Daily Mail identifies the avatar used in the HuffPo profile as Sullivan Stemberg.