Some in media are going hard for Xi Jinping and the CPC in their reporting, few harder than NBC. Check out Keir Simmons on China’s claim that the communist country is worried about reinfected by the west:


Katie Rogers in NYT:

Tim Kaine, relishing his moment in the warm light of the cameras, regurgitated this nonsense despite us knowing definitely where this pandemic originated:

Any harsh words for China after they accused the United States of starting the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic? We’re in the grip of a pandemic and certain members of media and Democrat politicians are more invested in salvaging communist China’s reputation and world-wide perception than they are reporting on — or making policy by — the facts.

Meanwhile, aided by some on our own press, communist China is still working hard to change the reality:

As for communist China’s identity politic game, there’s one wrinkle:

The New York Times examined communist China’s propaganda to see how it’s shaping the narrative during the pandemic:

Instead, some of these brave Sir Robins are focusing their reporting energies here:

We are in an active propaganda war with a communist nation that unleashed a mortal threat upon the world. Their criminal refusal to properly contain it and their insistence on playing politics (Taiwan had the last laugh) is defended and indulged by a partisan press. I said earlier on Twitter:

It is important to push back on this garbage every time an opportunity presents itself. Some in the free press are not behaving like a free press, they’re behaving as a bureau of CPC and adding to the disinformation noise.

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