Last week the Chik Fil A “buycott” was a massive success. Tens of thousands of Americans stood by the fast food chain, showing their support for people and corporations who have the guts to have religious and political opinions even when they don’t happen to be popular or politically correct. I will admit that even I have occasionally grumbled about the fact that Chik Fil A closes on Sunday – although I agree absolutely for their reasons for doing so – due to a badly timed craving for excellent chicken, but I stood with them last week and I stand with them today.

The GLAAD sponsored “Same Sex Kiss Day at Chik Fil A” barely fizzled in comparison, with some locations boasting more reporters than protesters and some locations boasting no protesters at all. The only attention the LGBT community got for their protest efforts was in the form of ridicule, with a few exceptions. Those exceptions were the protesters who waited until after dark to vandalize several Chik Fil A locations across the nation, and they can be expecting attention from local law enforcement in the near future.

In an apparent effort to resurrect their image as legitimate protesters, the LGBT community is trying again tomorrow (August 7). This time their counter-protest will be a copycat “buycott”…at Starbucks.

Yes, you read that right. In order to prove that the left is as effective as the right when it comes to showing support for like-minded businesses, they are going to go out and…do the same thing they would have done if there weren’t a scheduled protest. They’re going to pick up a no-whip caramel frappe on the way to work tomorrow.