U.S. officials reportedly warned the Sanders campaign that Russia is trying to “help:”

According to the Washington Post, which cited “people familiar with the matter,” officials also informed President Donald Trump — who, like Sanders, was told this week that Russia is attempting to help his campaign — and “lawmakers on Capitol Hill.”


The New York Times reported on Thursday that President Trump was left angered after intelligence officials told members of the House that Russia was interfering on his behalf.

The situation led President Trump to “berate” outgoing Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, because he reportedly feared “Democrats would use it against him.”

First of all, it makes sense — Sanders is a Trotskyite, so ideology backs ideology. As for Trump’s reaction, he reportedly heard this news from a member of the House and not his intelligence officials, which is bound to raise anyone’s hackles.  Sanders responded with a “back off” to Russia, the country in which he honeymooned and defended, but is it weird to anyone else that despite Sanders being made aware of this a month ago, it’s just now coming out in the press the night before the Nevada caucuses? Hmmm.