Legacy media’s effort to defend the violence perpetuated by rioters in the wake of George Floyd’s killing — and Democrats’ refusal to condemn the destruction and assaults — remind me of when Democrats labeled innocent Second Amendment supporters as “terrorists” and “domestic security threats.” A couple of years ago, before I worked with the NRA (and left the organization over a year ago), Representative Kathleen Rice (D-NY) called me a “domestic security threat” for my support of our Second Amendment rights. Democrats and most in media refused to condemn Rice for this politically-motivated accusation.

Keep in mind, a Bernie Sanders’ supporter tried to gun down Rice’s Republican colleagues just two months earlier, but law-abiding Americans were the threat? Fast forward to current time. Have Democrats condemned the violet rioting of the past eight days? Has the Democrat nominee for President condemned the violence, the murder and mayhem? I haven’t found any examples. Please, feel free to share if you believe I am somehow in error. All I see are Democrats bailing out rioters.

Yesterday on my program I discussed how differently the left is treating violent rioters compared to how they’ve maligned others, myself included, simply for supporting 2A rights (or taping a promo involving an hourglass to announce the start of an event, or condemning previous Antifa violence). The left calls any speech that challenges their narratives or disproves their positions “violence.” It’s their way of shutting you up, silencing your voice, cutting short “your truth.” Or the truth. Here is a short clip:

Relatedly, this exchange on Twitter:

This dude can’t spare a single thought for David Dorn? Dave Patrick Underwood? How many LEO deaths are acceptable? I wasn’t going to show or repost the video below in any capacity but I changed my mind because you know what? Some people need a wake up call. This result is what you’re defending: retired police captain David Dorn on a sidewalk in my hometown, taking his last breath after he was shot by looters while protecting his friend’s store. Scroll past if you need to, you can’t unsee this:

But don’t you dare criticize the violent rioters who are carrying out acts of murder, assault, arson, and destruction, protected by the political bias of cable news personalities who conflate the mayhem with peaceful protest as a safeguard from criticizing it and losing their precious political capital.

Peaceful protests are cool. I’ve organized some myself back in the day. I even agree with the message of justice for George Floyd, most in America do. What isn’t cool, and what I don’t agree with, are the numerous, on-camera examples of violence from all over the country. People are justified in their concerns over these threats. They’re justified in their concern for their own safety. They’re justified in their concern for business, for innocents, even for our leaders. If you shame them for this you are precisely part of the reason we are where we are right now. Law-abiding folks who want to rightfully protect themselves aren’t the terrorists — the people committing acts of violence and destruction are the terrorists.