Marxists rioters have taken to ambushing people who are just starting to venture out from the months-long lockdown and harassing them into raising a social justice fist:

Another angle:

The rioters are yelling “white silence is violence,” demonstrating a complete lack of understanding as to what the words “silence” or “violence” mean. But they rhyme bruh! is the most likely defense.

I remember when the media was apoplectic over my using the phrase “the clenched fist of truth.” That was apparently a call to some sort of violence but the exact same people are silent when it comes to these incidents. Oh yes — incidents. This keeps happening:

There’s a phrase that comes to mind: F **k around and find out. I don’t want things to escalate to even crazier levels, but one day one of these skinny hipster squeakers is going to (as the saying goes) F around with the wrong person and find out real quick. When that happens, the media will attack and attempt to destroy that person or persons. They’ve cast their lots with the rioters, as proven by their refusal to acknowledge the actions of the mob.

Below, crazy leftists attack a woman in church:

Remember Nick Sandmann? The teenager who remained non confrontational and simply tried to smile as a grown man tried to bully him and his minor classmates waiting for their school bus after a field trip to our nation’s capital? Because the man was a Native American, his immature, predatory confrontational behavior was excused and ironic to their claims against Sandmann, the media coddled the man like he was a child because of both his ideology and ethnicity. The teenage kid was the bad guy and the media and cable news talking heads (and grifter preachers) inflicted a thousand lashes at him simply because he existed. The kid literally did nothing — honestly, what was he supposed to do? He behaved exactly as he should have, a testament to both his character and upbringing. Ah, but he didn’t cower. That’s what the left wanted to see and he didn’t do it. That alone is the offense, he challenged their power and such challenges prove that the left’s power isn’t wholly cemented so long as there are people around to buck the demands.

Same thing with the McCloskeys from St. Louis. I’ve talked about the firearm aspect; that the corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorney tampered with evidence to substantiate a felony charge against Patricia McCloskey is a major story and proof that the state will punish you for refusing to bend a knee to the rage mob. The legacy press ignores this story as there is no ideological gain to report it — just as there is no ideological gain to defend the sanctity of the press as they always do whenever criticized over a completely fraudulent story. Journalists who do … journalism aren’t celebrated by the alphabet press.

If this journalist defended herself against the violent attack of the Construction Cone Karen shrieking at an audibly intolerable level the press and the left would ruin this journalist’s life.

Remember the anti-bullying movement? Can we officially call the time of death on that? I always thought that the adults masquerading as anti-bullying advocates were themselves the biggest proponents of it.

Does anyone on the left want to audibly call this out beyond a peep of a tweet saying confrontation like this is a bad idea?