This Mother’s Day weekend, if you want to know what progressives think of motherhood, look no further than the stunning example given in the case of Shelley Luther. The single mother was arrested and thrown in jail, where she would have sat over Mother’s Day weekend, for opening her salon so she could generate income to pay her mortgage and feed her kids. Thankfully, everyone from the AG to governor intervened and the Texas Supreme Court ordered her release. (Note that the cosmetologists from the Laredo arrests and the owner of the bar raided in Ector County, Texas are all women.)

Some local commentator (who supposedly covers sports) ran defense for his judge-friend in Luther’s case, the ridiculous Eric Moye, by going after Luther on Mother’s Day weekend, no less. He’s one of many, a caricature of one large mass of hypocrites.

I’m tired of these self-aggrandizing critics. As I’ve said, if you receive mail, use electricity, order food, grocery shop, you are by your actions admitting that you are OK with risking lives — so long as those lives CONVENIENCE YOU.

Do you want to talk class warfare? OK — did this privileged old white male, dressed in his hideous Hawaiian shirt while sitting comfortably by his pool, at any point offer help to the single mother he was trashing ahead of Mother’s Day? Help with her utility bills? A grocery bill? Mortgage payment? No. Because people like this Great Value Andy Rooney are hypocrites who believe their conveniences are worthier than the needs of a single mother. These people are still pulling a paycheck from the comfort of their sofa — or their pool. They have no concept of the struggle faced by millions of Americans all over the country, problems that double, triple the first of every month when bills come due. These hypocrites are insulated from this struggle by their comfortable situation. They are blessed — but refuse to bless others through their blessings and instead judge the struggling because they are struggling. They spit wrath and penalty instead of extending a helping hand when good people try to help themselves.

“She can just file for unemployment or one of those PPP loans,” they say, as though this meager and temporary lifeline is proof of compassion or virtue. It’s just like an entitled true one-percenter to shrug off the needy to the long lines of government “help.” So many are filing for help through these programs that it’s crashing websites. People can’t get through. In New Jersey alone, 300,000 people still wait. Think about this: Luther is judged as selfish because she won’t gamble feeding her family and keeping her home to this same system, but the people wanting her jailed while refusing to help her are not? To the contrary — they are some of the most selfish and graceless people of all. 

Oh, but Shelley Luther is somehow the selfish one because her needs do not enhance the truly selfish conveniences of those criticizing her. Luther has something else these hypocrites lack: honesty. These critics indulge themselves with saccharine-sweet self affirmations of how much they’re helping by staying home while having scores of “essential” (let’s be honest: These people view “essential” as being synonymous with “disposable”) workers run around to do everything for them. Luther’s honesty and justifiable need shames them by contrast and deep down, they know it.

I’m tired of this double standard. Shame on these selfish hypocrites and anyone else who perpetuates this garbage about Luther on Mother’s Day weekend, no less. Fight me. I’m done. #AllJobsMatter