Some of the Tweets I read today on air in my Mailbag of Hate segment.

*UPDATE: The left, many verified and include professional journalists and Media Matters, have been raging now for 24 hours over a teenager’s observation. Apparently going after teenagers is cool now, unless they’re named Thunberg.

The original Tweet:

And just some of the unhinged responses:

Third wave feminists weigh in:

Apparently it’s OK to rhetorically attack kids (unless their last name is Thunberg) — but how is it “misogynistic” to assume that a woman who plastered photos of herself all over social media baking strawberry shortbread would also bake cookies? So cake is OK but cookies are too far? Interesting.

An ironic lesson on misogyny:

I think he just called me Hillary Clinton.

I don’t work for Planned Parenthood.

This is not a hater, but someone who got it:

Hoo boy, the reductive arguments here. Let me help, it’s not literally about baking or cookies. Not sure how any of these people can try to mock the observation of a teen when they don’t even understand the point.

(If any of these are deleted, don’t worry, I’ll replace them with the screenshots.)

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