I wrote this piece last night after I was told that criticizing the BLM was racist because of what Cliven Bundy said. Now this piece from Politico. Note that Jonathan Topaz didn’t reach out to me for comment. I simply asked for verification of Bundy’s remark, which I called awful, but that went ignored because the left is angry that I’ve only ever focused on the BLM. In fact, I repeatedly said on my radio program that this isn’t about Cliven Bundy, it’s always been about the abuse of the BLM. The left is unhappy with this because they want to use Bundy’s remark to invalidate the entirety of the claims against the BLM. Forget Tommy Henderson, Kenni Patton, or other ranchers who have weighty claims against the BLM, it’s all moot now because of Cliven Bundy. Bundy’s a racist, therefore anyone who agreed with his criticism of the BLM’s heavy-handed tactics is also a racist. Bundy’s a racist, thus the politicians who spoke against the BLM sending 200 armed agents to deal with a local issue must also be racists. Now it’s the left who wants to make this about Bundy and his remark so they can silence all criticism of the BLM. In their minds, you can’t condemn Bundy’s remark and criticize the BLM.

*UPDATED: This previous piece, including the video of Bundy’s remarks.  here is the link to Bundy’s remark, which is what I’ve been wanting to see since this development broke. Again, as I said before, it was an awful, horrible remark. But Bundy’s horrible remark doesn’t change that the BLM is overreaching.