Place the tragedy of abortion to the side for a moment — why does a for-profit company that receives over $600 million of our taxpayer dollars every year still receive tax payer dollars when they do things like this with our money? If this was a for-profit, taxpayer-funded firearms company Democrats would riot:

The money will go toward the presidential election as well as congressional and state House races, according to Planned Parenthood Votes Executive Director Jenny Lawson, who told CBS, “The stakes have never been higher.”


The campaign will zero-in on nine states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to the network. The money will go into digital, TV and radio ads, canvassing, and mailers, according to CBS.

Taxpayers are being forced to fund Democrat campaigns. Do you consent to your hard earned dollars being used in such a way? Our money, our choice, right? Or are choices limited to those with results that best benefit progressives?