Also read this excellent post by Leon Wolf.

This election cycle the most fervent Trump supporters have excused, defended, even cheered a candidate that has mocked a disabled reporter, the appearance of cancer-survivor Carly Fiorina (sadly, this gene also runs in my family which has been ravaged by cancer), and women in general. They mob-rage against anyone who demonstrates the slightest difference of opinion with them on Trump-the-candidate and when faced with feedback or criticism they recoil, as do feminists and Black Lives Matter, in want of a safe space. It's the furthest thing possible from being “politically incorrect.” In fact, this most fervent group's behavior is the epitome of Social Justice Warrior Political Correctness. I pointed this out in my monologue (also here and here) regarding a Trump surrogate who had the audacity to play bouncer of the conservative movement by personally attacking and smearing conservatives I know and claiming that you can't be a true conservative unless you whole-heartedly support Donald Trump. Her statement was asinine and my observation, delivered in the stated style of Donald Trump, was absolutely valid. That I chose this rhetorical device (I even predicted the outrage and literally mocked it mid-monologue in the video) served the purpose of highlighting the hypocrisy of these most fervent supporters, and they didn't disappoint with their hypocritical reaction. My valid remarks struck a chord with this fervent group and perhaps the surrogate herself, as they chose to fabricate from my words an “attack on mastectomies” (silly, as it falsely presupposes I know as much about the person I criticized as she knew about the people she attacked) because it is easier to argue against a straw man than to address my accurate observation of the surrogate's remarks. It's an offensive, disingenuous, and progressive deflective tactic by people seeking to shrink the definition of “conservative” to include only those people who wholly and without question support Trump.

Shame on these people for such a ridiculous deflection.

These same individuals are willing to trash a large swath of the right, many of whom are my friends, people who have worked tirelessly and without credit since the beginning of the new grassroots movement, simply over the difference of opinion on Trump. That's right: These people are willing to trash a decade of work by good people over one disagreement. It's petty and shows that these people put ego, not country, first. It's also horrible voter outreach and a disservice to the campaign they claim to support as the worst amongst these Trump supporters seek the spotlight while the quiet, discerning ones suffer the indignity of being generalized by the inexcusable behavior of this lot. All of these people deserve better than this.

In conclusion: My observation as to the bouncers of conservatism was absolutely valid and deserving. My delivery served the stated purpose of showcasing the hypocrisy of this group.

Maybe they will now think twice before encouraging the Republican nominee in this behavior since they have just discovered how much they dislike it being used against them. I'm not hopeful, but I do wish they would fight Hillary as much as they attack other conservatives. I wasn't #NeverTrump before, but thanks to the “outreach” of people like this, I and others are just about there.

*Oh, and a few quick corrections for those zealous Trumpers:

1) I never campaigned for Hillary Clinton. I campaigned for Bill. As a teenager, before I could vote, with the Democrat family in which I was raised. You know this because I openly discussed it for years on radio, TV, and in my book as a tool of witness. I've been a conservative longer than the front-runner and unlike the front-runner, have never donated to Hillary.

2) I'm not Jewish. While I've been called a “Jew whore” plenty by some very zealous Trump fans, I am not Jewish, although I love Israel.

3) I don't have fake boobs. Thanks for assuming though, as it's a yuge compliment after having two children.