I've been a fan of most all the GOP primary contenders for quite sometime. I love Rand Paul's fight for privacy rights, Carly Fiorina's sharp understanding of what we face in the middle east, I like something about most all of them, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump included (Trump had asked me to introduce him at CPAC the past couple of years, I did so last year). I like them all and I'll continue to be fair. The worst Republican candidate beats Democrats's best candidate. I've always said I'm for the most consistent conservative who can win. I support the candidate that checks the most boxes on my list. I don’t speak for all, but as far as I’m concerned, I appreciate Senator Ted Cruz's consistent conservatism. I've followed his fight ever since standing up to the establishment and taking on David Dewhurst. He’s my guy for 2016. He joined me a short time ago on my program; I'll post audio here when it's available.

Fun fact: Out of all the candidates, Cruz has been on my program the least number of times, with Trump being my radio and television programs's most frequent primary guest.

Last night I gave a 25 minute response on the National Review furor. Here is an excerpt.