For years Democrats were happy to use the extremists within their party as a GOTV apparatus, stoking rage when enthusiasm waned. If they couldn’t earn your vote with their proposed tax increases, maybe calling their Republican opponents racists would do the trick. The problem is the they gave such wide berth to the rabble-rousing socialists that those socialists are now running the party and for the second primary in a row, have their pick leading the pack. Cue Amy Klobuchar, who is positioning herself as the moderate after grabbing some of the spotlight by raising her hand in Friday’s debate when asked who was troubled by having a socialist in the primary:

“The question should be why everyone else didn’t raise their hand. But they didn’t, because people were looking at each other and it may not be popular, and you’re going to anger some people. But I believe in leading, and doing what you think is right. And that’s why I raised my hand, because I am troubled by having a socialist lead our ticket.”

It’s a good point and by doing this Klobuchar presented herself as more of a moderate than her primary contenders because she’s willing to condemn socialism — but where was this alarm two years ago? Five years ago? Ten years ago? Where was this alarm when Sanders led Clinton the last time around? Not just from Klobuchar or her supporters, but anyone in the Democrat party?