Last weekend members of Open Carry Texas excercised their Second Amendment civil liberty by peacefully open-carrying their rifles slung across their backs while visiting a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant. Michael Bloomberg’s “moms” group claimed that terrified restaurant employees his in the freezer. Many questioned this initially as photos showed employees working (when not taking photos with Open Carry Texas members). The pro-2A group disputed Bloomberg mom Shannon Watts/Troughton’s story, repeated by a law enforcement agent, which today was throughly discredited by the New York Times‘s Jennifer Mascia:

An earlier version of this post included information from Sgt. Ray Bush of the Forth Worth Police Department, who wrote in an email last week that the employees at the Jack in the Box where Open Carry Texas staged a demonstration “locked themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them.” However, Brian Luscomb, vice president of corporate communications for Jack in the Box, told the New York Times this evening, “Our employees told us that they did not hide in the freezer.” We have amended the post to reflect this new information.

Bloomberg , Watts/Troughton, Sgt. Ray Bush, and Dallas’s NBC affiliate owe a retraction of their false story and an apology to Open Carry Texas.