Things are about to get bumpier. We knew this, we expected it, and we’ve planned for it, which is why we are voluntarily quarantining with this “social distancing.” There are some good things out there, quite a bit — the list below is just a tiny, partial list. Whether it’s good deeds or news on vaccines, flattening rates, etc., there isn’t a single day bereft of good.

Let’s focus on something good each day (and make sure to check out this list of quarantine activities and resources.

Irish studies find vitamin D can help build Wuhan coronavirus resistance

– Powerful: Doctors and nurses praying over hospital rooftops

Italy unveils plans for ENDING lockdown: Health minister announces ‘phase two’ will involve more testing and continued social distancing – as nation records its lowest daily death toll for two weeks

– As discussed on radio, an interesting story designed as a dig at the admin that actually reveals someone stood up to Dr. Fauci regarding addressing the economics of the situation. Don’t misunderstand me — Fauci’s insight is a valuable requirement, but you simply cannot assess the needs of the country through the medical lens alone, the economic considerations must be included.

Maine Sheriff blasts governor, says they are not a police state

– This newscaster wrote a help hotline on her hand for viewers:

This Instagram account tracks the good deeds done by folks around the world — like this community workout session

Scientists have figured out how the coronavirus breaks into cells, assisting drug development

Big Pharma company donates 400,000 tablets of malaria drug

Moment Massachusetts governor fights back tears while thanking Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his family for arranging shipment of masks from China using team plane

Vaccination trials are already happening 

We have already approved the first antibody tests

Wuhan coronavirus survivors are donating blood to help those newly infected

Israeli scientists may have a vaccine in weeks

– The private sector is reporting for duty — for instance distilleries across the country are making hand sanitizer

This couple donated their wedding reception food to health care workers

People are stepping up to foster homeless pets as shelters close

John Krasinski launches a good news network (the delivery driver and toilet paper totally got to me. God love Krasinski for this.)

Adam Sandler has “Laugh-Aid” 

There is a lot of good stuff out there. Remember that social media tends to intensify the bad stuff. Do your part to intensify the good.