Oh for crying out loud:

Two things first: I understand that this is a light-hearted interview. Trump wasn’t extended such grace when he said yesterday that he had watched one at-bat from and old ballgame and he was accused by some of the press of watching sports as people died, but whatever. I also love capitalism and I am severely Dagny Taggart in my thoughts regarding the issue of success. That isn’t this video. This video is the Speaker of the House showing off her collection of gourmet ice cream carefully collected in her $20,000+ pair of commercial grade fridges after campaigning for more pork spending off the backs of 17 million unemployed Americans, many of whom are having to rely upon donated groceries to get by:






Pelosi can isolate at home with her pricey ice cream drawer so perhaps that’s why she feels no regret in blocking further relief for small businesses.

(Sidebar: Does anyone else think that Pelosi slipped with her revealing remark about “stocking up” and didn’t social-distance over Easter?)