– JOHN LOTT: The Myth of the big bad gun lobby.

” … the NRA gave just $982,000, or 1/30th the amount spent by Bloomberg. While not all of Bloomberg’s campaign donations were driven by gun issues, his spending clearly dwarfs what the NRA could give.”

– UNITED NATIONS FAIL: “UN Peacekeepers” fail to help US aid workers when they came under brutal attack.

Soldiers singled out U.S. citizens before gang-raping several women, beating aid workers and executing a local journalist, while forcing others to watch.

– HOLLYWOOD: First images of Pennywise the clown.

– OLYMPICS: Pole vaulter knocks down the beam in the worst way. Bonus: “Inconvienent penis” sounds like the name of a failed art pop band.

– THIS IS REAL: Billy Corgan is now president of TNA Wrestling.

– BONUS: SJW's totally excited about a new demo over which to feign outrage.