Remember that Missourians have twice voted against any implementation of Obamacare by sweeping majorities. MO Rep. Jay Barnes has never gotten that message and keeps trying to run it up the flag pole. Kudos to Senate Republicans for knowing better:

The Missouri House signaled on Wednesday an end to this session’s Medicaid expansion battle, blaming the Senate for its unwillingness to explore an alternative proposal backed by some House Republicans.

“Unfortunately, the Missouri state Senate has indicated it does not have the stomach to pick up a Medicaid transformation bill this year,” said Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, after proposing and then withdrawing an amendment containing his alternative proposal on the House floor.

Barnes and I have tangoed before over this and the congressman shockingly lost his cool with me on my program a year ago. From that time:

His reasoning is that it’s better for us to implement Obamacare exchanges at the state level because that way we retain some sort of control, a premise that I and a frillion other conservatives who have followed this topic closely strongly dispute — along with Governors Perry, Jindal, Walker, Kasich, Snyder, Scott, and others, plus voters in Alabama, Montana, Wyoming, my state of Missouri, Ohio, Arizona, and Oklahoma who have voted for or amended their state constitutions to exclude Obamacare, and the 27 states suing over Obamacare — Barnes’s assessment. But apparently, we’re all uninformed and it’s a good thing we have state lawmakers with imperialistic complexes to guide us through the difficulties of self government.

It’s disturbing that Barnes is still attempting an expansion of an Obamacare tenet when the regulating entity was shown to have persecuted over 500 groups based on political ideology.

When they don’t learn they should be shown the door.