Earlier today on my radio program I spoke with Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who yesterday filed an amicus brief on behalf of the McCloskeys in a bid to get the charges against them dismissed. Schmitt declared that the couple had a right to defend themselves on June 28th when a mob broke thorough their private gate and trespassed into a private community (private because they pay for their own roads and sidewalks, not the city) while shouting threats. Schmitt believes the threat to the McCloskeys, by way of property damage, trespass, and threats, satisfies the state’s broad castle doctrine law.

Listen below:

(Apologies for the AG’s reception during a portion as he was traveling).

I also spoke with Congressman Louie Gohmert, who, along with eleven other congressional members, sent a letter to the DOJ requesting AG William Barr investigate to protect the Second Amendment under attack in St. Louis:

Rep. Gohmert was unaware that the couple were unarmed when the mob showed up on June 28th and reacts below, from our discussion earlier today:

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