For the record, I don’t know a lot about the Q Anon movement. I know that they aren’t the ones in the streets burning down buildings, punching people in the head, burning down houses and blocking first responders from rescuing the trapped children, or mass-squatting on multiple city blocks. Media has been fine to give Democrats a pass when the party refuses to condemn the violence but they’re intent on pinning Q Anon on Trump. Case in point:

The spin:

Trump literally says he “doesn’t know much about the movement” after quipping that he hears they like him and instead of accurately reporting Trump’s remarks, CNN sensationalizes it it with “Trump embraces.”

The left and their media surrogates realize how damaging Antifa violence has been to their image and so are trying to create something similar for which they can attack the GOP … except there isn’t anything similar. 

Ask me again why I question legacy media.