WHIO-TV hasn’t amended their report wherein they cite a convicted rapist as their gun control source, neither has the Dayton Daily Newsand now local ABC22:

When you need an AK-47 or an M-16 to protect yourself, then I need to know whose coming” said Rev. Jerome McCorry, Gun Show Protester.

[Via @metalchick007]

Is there any particular reason why media is propping up a rapist as the voice for Ohio’s anti-Second Amendment advocates?

Not one of these entities have noted this in their reports.

*UPDATE: WHIO-TV responds, first via Facebook, via @DomesticDebacle :

And via Twitter:

They didn’t think it was relevant to question why a convicted rapist wants to ban the best bet a woman has to defend herself against rapists?

Exactly. While I appreciate that WHIO-TV responded, it’s an unacceptable explanation. I’m still waiting for ABC22 and the Dayton Daily News to address this.