Mark McCloskey joined me on my radio program today to discuss the latest in his … situation, not a case really, since neither he nor his wife Patricia have been charged with any crime related to the June 28th incident (video from Fox discussion) when a violent mob broke through the neighborhood gate to trespass into their private community. (They’re still being protested. I wonder if Mayor Lyda Krewson is grateful that the attention is off of her for the moment?)

McCloskey was not given due process after being stripped of his rights and property and he’s afraid of being made a prohibited possessor by the vengeful, far-left St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner, who is using the McCloskeys as a campaign stunt. Gardner is up for reelection on August 4th and faces a wave of criticism for releasing violent rioters arrested during two nights of murder and mayhem that saw four cops shot and retired police captain David Dorn murdered. Today Sen. Josh Hawley said he’s asked the DOJ to look at the case:

Missouri Governor Mike Parson was partially responsible for the state’s castle doctrine:

When he was in the Legislature, Parson co-authored Missouri’s “castle doctrine” law that justifies deadly force for those who are defending their homes from intruders. He said the McCloskeys “had every right to protect their property.”

Gardner is an activist prosecutor abusing her authority to harass citizens continually threatened by the mob she protects. Earlier this week I spoke with Missouri AG Eric Schmitt who also accused Gardner of politicizing her position.

Of significance: I’ve discussed the issue of private streets before in St. Louis; in my interview McCloskey explains that he and the street’s other residents themselves pay out of pocket for their road and sidewalks (“I put that in myself,” he says) themselves — maintenance isn’t provided by the city nor does it come from tax dollars.

Following for further developments.