Raw Story, a far left progressive website, published a piece on me today saying that I “won't do book signings unless I can shoot people.”

On Nov 5, 2014, at 2:35 PM, Bill Howell & Jeanne Wadsworth <zbskier@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Dana!

Really like your stance on guns. If “they” won't let you carry your gun to a book signing so you can “…shoot people…”, that's a truly sad state of affairs eh?

I have a “tip” for you. If you ever get that depressed about it, and wanted to shoot yourself in the head, you'd have to shove your gun up your ass to do it.

Most Sincerely, Bill Howell

Thanks, Raw Story, for inspiring this wonderful type of response. And thanks Bill Howell, for talking about my suicide. The “war on women” continues.