Virginia’s annual Second Amendment rally came and went and the state’s legislative session is underway. Despite the hype from gun control advocates, Democrats like Ralph Northam, and many in legacy media, the rally was peaceful, even joyous, and beautifully diverse.

Even the Black Panthers reportedly attended to support Second Amendment rights and protest Democrats’ gun grab:

Newsbusters did a great job at snagging some of the media fear-mongering:

Later some admitted that none of the violence they hyped came to pass:

Those in media who generously gave Governor Blackface a pass had the audacity to join him in his attempt to erase minority participation and defense of natural rights from the history books while casting the entire rally as a potential riot of white supremacist militia monsters.

No one assaulted anyone, burned down buildings, destroyed private property, or took a dump on a car.

Second Amendment supporters even picked up trash:

I spoke with Cam Edwards earlier today about the Virginia rally:

The Second Amendment — and all natural rights — are the biggest areas of common ground, and this was visible today in Richmond. We all may not always agree on every issue — and that’s OK. However, we DO agree that we have the right to self defense and the right to preserve the republic against tyranny as enshrined in the Constitution. I will go to the mat for my rights and yours.