Trump and America won this standoff with Iran. He made it clear that we do not want war, but if Iran crosses the red line of taking American lives by escalating further, they will have it. It’s why Iran responded officially by carefully launching missiles from within its borders instead of use proxies to do their dirty work — they needed the flex, the optic of their “revenge” while lowering their terrorist “general” into the ground. The regime is terrified because they know this is a different administration, one that is not only prepared for conflict, but one that will engage it to protect American lives and interests. That is different from “running to war,” of which Trump is being accused while simultaneously being accused of “running away” by likely Iranian bots and their leftist puppets. Seriously, come on. Pick a narrative. I’ll have a lot more on the radio program today, only an hour away. You can watch all three hours of my radio program live on Youtube and Facebook and check out show archives via podcast on iTunes.

Meanwhile, the some of the headlines I’m following:

Also, yesterday I spoke with Andy McCarthy about the legality of Trump’s drone strike: