One of the most powerful moments in modern politics occurred during the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Senator Lindsay Graham, in a moment of unguarded raw emotional reaction, spoke for half the nation as he angrily read off the accusations against Kavanaugh, whose wife and family were visible over his shoulder throughout the hearing.

“Are you a gang rapist?” Graham spat, not as a question, but as a condemnation of the smear.

“No,” Kavanaugh replied. Graham’s face contorted with rage and hoarse emotion pierced his lazy southern drawl.

“Boy, you all want power,” he raged, glaring at the Democrats sitting with him on the committee, “God I hope you never get it.”

This moment is the perfect distillation of everything happening right now in America for the sake of power: the pandemic, lockdowns, the accusations, investigations, the cancel culture, everything, all of it. The left wants power and they have proven time and time again that there is no cause unjust, no tactic too low, no smear too vile, the end is justified by the means. Virtue is determined by a tactic’s success and the only consistency is choosing whatever action leads to more power. It’s a revolution. They’ve been telling you this for forever now and yet still some don’t believe it.

Earlier today Rep. Ilhan Omar called for an overthrow of the United States government. Yes — that’s exactly what she called for: a “dismantling” of our “economy and political system.” Some have tried to delegitimize criticism of Omar’s remarks by casting them as simple “free speech,” which would be a perfectly reasonable rebuttal were it not for Omar’s role as a member of government — a member who takes an oath to uphold the very Constitution she targets with her “economy and political system” rhetoric. Omar says: “We cannot stop at the criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.” It is as I told you, not a protest, it’s a revolution. (And Omar’s remarks are breathtakingly ironic.)

A Marxist Seattle City Councilwoman threatened Jeff Bezos and pledged to overthrow capitalism by saying “We are coming for you … we are preparing a different society.” The city is also mandating its white employees to “own the complicity of their racism” and “undo their whiteness.” Basically, if you want to keep your job, cancel truth and your character.

The United States has been the beacon of liberty to the rest of the world and second to Christianity, capitalism has done more to improve the human condition than anything else. This is an ideological battle of liberty vs Marxism and Marxism is wrapping itself in “social justice” as a disguise. To achieve their end, common ground is banished and emotional blackmail used to keep order. As I wrote in Grace Canceled, this is disallowed by the Marxist rage mob. It’s viewed as betrayal. Don Lemon recently excoriated Terry Crews over the latter’s attempt to find common ground and establish reconciliation. Another case in point: A bunch of leftists and centrists signed a letter noting that how some of these cancel culture tactics have gone even too far for them. Then the backlash began and signatories began withdrawing their names because they weren’t aware who all was included in the list of signatories. It’s as if you cannot have a thought on free speech unless you first investigate with whom they share the view because if someone who engages in wrongthink also believes it, then the belief is invalidated. (Even Noam Chomsky disagrees with cancel culture. This is where 2020 is right now, me noting something correct that Chomsky has done.)(Thermidor moment?)

The attack on the Founders through the argument of slavery isn’t one formed from good-faith objection to inequality (today’s Marxists promote inequality while pretending to champion it, betraying their stated purpose); rather the target of the Founders is designed to erode Americans’s trust in the people who created our system so that we might question our fidelity to America and her liberty through our questioning of the Founders’s collective character. The unspoken reasoning is that flawed men couldn’t have created so perfect a union, thus the union must be flawed because the men were flawed. I heavily address this in Grace Canceled by noting that such an argument is not just illogical, but outright unBiblical (truthfully, unChristian) as God used flawed people to glorify His strength and purpose. God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.
I responded similarly to Lin Manuel Miranda, now targeted by the rage mob over his play “Hamilton” (I didn’t call for cancelation, rather I pointed out the hypocrisy of the rage mob):

I’ll talk more about the Founders on tomorrow’s program. Nuance will always exist, whether society wants to acknowledge it or not. The inarguable truth though is that the far left will sacrifice the country for the chance to grab power, and justify the sacrifice because the end justifies the means.

Five things to help:

1) Recognize that this is a revolution. Before the War of Independence (the actual fighting) was the American Revolution. The battle of ideas and the debate of offenses against the colonies and self sovereignty, (the Quartering Acts, Stamp Act, etc., etc.) until the people had enough and began to revolt — against tyranny. Today people are in the street to promote it.
2) Stand behind those who are trying their damnedest to hold the line, even if your politics differ. I am sure I disagree with author J.K. Rowling on a million things, but on the issue of women being women and men being men, we agree, and she refuses to be canceled. I didn’t think this way a decade ago, but I tend to take a Prodigal Son view of these instances.
3) Do not cheer on the rage mobs, ever, even if they end up targeting someone you dislike, because they will end up targeting you. The question isn’t if, it’s when.
4) Be consistent. Our strength and appeal is our consistency. We are consistent even when it isn’t advantageous, even when it’s uncomfortable. We aren’t trying to reach those so partisan their hearts are hardened, we’re trying to reach all those caught in the middle.
5) As I said once before: Never bend a knee to the rage mob. Ever.