Earlier today I discussed the cancel culture phenomena and how it won’t be the loudest people, radio hosts like me, cable news pundits, columnists, who end this fascistic thinkpol fight, it will be the comparatively quiet, and for some unlikeliest, of allies: the moderate leftists, the centrists, the J.K. Rowling types, the Bari Weisses, Gervaises, the people who can lean left on perhaps many issues save for some, like speech.

It isn’t their ideological opposites who pose the biggest threat to progressives’s influence. The biggest threats come from within their own perceived political circle (The call is coming from inside the house!!). When progressives take things too far, it’s the centrists, the moderates, the liberals who provide the balance, at least, when progressives used to listen to them. Anymore when someone on the left questions the Borg hive’s direction, they are excommunicated from the ideological drum circle in a rabid fashion. The people who ask questions must be toxified as both punishment and warning to potential rabble-rousers who may do the same. Too many of these episodes erodes their influence and weight behind threats.

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