This from WaPo:

“You can support the Second Amendment, that's fine, but we ought to be able to have reasonable rules to keep people safe in this country,” Kaine told an enthusiastic audience at the Progressive National Baptist Convention.

This is from a guy who thinks “ammunition clips” are synonymous with magazines and waffles on gun control.

Rules like what? Kaine proposed to force legal private transfers between non-FFLs to conduct criminal background checks while denying them access to the NICS database, either by malicious design or outright idiocy.

Congress is too cowed by the gun lobby group, Kaine said, and by siding with the NRA against gun-control laws is siding against “a majority of Americans, a majority of gun owners, a majority of NRA members,” who support certain gun-control measures opposed by the NRA.

Notice how he never explains this, he just keeps it general. What measures do lifetime members like me oppose? How would these measures keep us safe?

“The NRA doesn't even speak for members anymore. They're just a shill for gun manufacturers,” Kaine said. “And gun manufacturers have one goal: Sell as many, whenever, wherever, to whomever. That's their only goal.”

Actually, Kaine doesn't speak for gun owners and he certainly doesn't speak for NRA members, millions of us, like myself. It's offensive that a VP candidate is calling a bipartisan group of Second Amendment supporters “shills” simply because he believes in compromising the Second Amendment with poorly-written restrictions that do nothing, while we believe otherwise. His only goal is to win an election and amass power for himself, that's his only goal.