Orlando was a terror attack. It was carried out by a radical Islamist from a radical family with hatred in his heart. To reduce this to nothing more than unaffiliated “gun violence” for the sake of a gun control fetish enables the continuance of such attacks. I don't say this lightly, so I'll repeat it: If you're attacking and blaming law-abiding gun owners for the actions of a terrorist you're protecting the terrorist. There isn't one gun law that would have prevented this atrocity. Total prohibition on access to firearms didn't stop the Bataclan terror attack. It's people and motive that are to blame, not guns.

This is indisputable:

Omar Mateen had numerous terror ties.

Mateen was registered to a political party.

Mateen was under FBI surveillance, the same government that missed the Fast and Furious-armed Garland terrorist, Seung Hui Cho, Jared Loughner, Dylann Roof, the Tsarnaevs, and more. – Twenty minutes into his terrorist attack Mateen called police and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

He was a wife beater.

Mateen's father is a Taliban-supporting radical.

He murderously hated gays; keep in mind homosexuality is punishable by death in middle eastern countries. The fact alone that he beat his wife renders him a prohibited possessor. Why did the feds not bring charges against him? In order to bar someone under surveillance or on a “watch list” from purchase charges must be brought against the individual in order to satisfy due process. I explain this in depth here. (Politics, briefly: Democrats wanted a broad ban sans due process, Republicans wanted them to satisfy the Constitutional requirements of rights deprivation in order to protect the innocent while barring the guilty. It's simple to do and Democrats refused, period, because they prioritized their anti-Second Amendment agenda over making guilty suspects prohibited possessors.)

This was a terror attack. It wasn't the first terror attack on the gay community in the US, either. Mateen wasn't a member of the NRA, he was an adherent of ISIS. The progressive community is so quick to jump to the defense of anyone who didn't get a cake but when push comes to shove and radical Islamists who throw gays from rooftops are in our cities murdering gay Americans they are silent. Focus on the real enemy instead of vilifying law-abiding Americans. Focus on assisting bars and clubs by training their staff to aid in a lone security officer's defense of patrons. Encourage people to get their CHLs and as we have designated drivers, designate a friend with a license to provide the same safety net for the night. These are the times in which we live with domestic terror attacks increasing.

Also, read the Pink Pistols statement. I may not agree with the gay community on everything 100% but one thing I stand with them 100% on is their right to defend themselves. I'll fight tooth and nail for that. Of any group that should be lawfully armed right now, it's this one.

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