Four Democrats in Virginia’s Senate Judiciary Committee joined Republicans in defeating Ralph Northam and Michael Bloomberg’s “assault weapons” ban — for the year. The committee voted 10-5 to shelve the bill for a year and send it to the Crime Commission for further study. This means that this proposal could return in a year’s time, and gun control advocates promise that senators will see it again.

While a number of other gun control proposals have previously passed this bill, HB 961, sought to criminalize ownership of commonly-owned semi-auto rifles and magazines over 12 rounds (the legislation was amended to reduce the possession of a magazine over 12 rounds from a felony to a misdemeanor, although traveling with said magazine is still a felony).

Michael Bloomberg spent millions to flip Virginia’s House of Delegates and Senate. There are currently 105 counties in the state that have declared themselves as Second Amendment Sanctuaries. While there will be more battles, today’s victory shows that when the people push back, Bloomberg’s money loses its influence.

Bonus: Delegate Mark Levine’s face when he realizes he failed to turn innocent people into felons with Bloomberg millions:

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