Topping the list is Mitt Romney because it’s their get out of jail card. Tucker Carlson also made the list. It’s the penance required before criticizing fellow progressives, but was it enough?

FLOTUS, whom GQ refers to as a “zero” in the intro, is illustrated in a houserobe before a fridge eating the very unhealthy food she claims to hate. I’ll never forget Lawrence O’Donnell, the Shakespeare of MSNBC if only in delivery, and his over-acted indignation at FLOTUS drawn in a panel with “ten hamburgers” by cartoonist Batton Lash and James Hudnall.

I’ve been waiting for so long to reference this again. Thanks, GQ.

Speaking of MSNBC Ted Baxters, Keith Olbermann also ranked in on the list, a man whose last known effort at broadcasting consisted of him filming himself with his iPhone. It is unknown whether or not it was from his bathtub. Olbermann was at least acknowledged for something, albeit for irrelevance, which should make his holidays happier. Someone will have to grease his head to get it through doors for awhile.

Aaron Sorkin and his tries-too-hard “Newsroom” series were also mocked.

… with The Newsroom, it’s as if all the HuffPo entries are taken from 2010 and Coldplay’s “Fix You” is playing in the background.

GQ also took a potshot at the WASP movement, aka the White Anglo Saxson Progressive movement, aka Occupy, aka cop-car-sh*tters (CCS for short).

Say what you will about the Tea Party, at least it managed to get people elected.

James Brady made the list for his inability to … ban all the guns, apparently. It’s difficult for an ideology to ban guns when they don’t know anything about them and pass idiotic bills which criminalize non-lethal accessories.

The list doesn’t matter and I’m no more endeared to the mag post-list than I was pre-list. I simply enjoy watching a little self-cleaning oven action.