What New York Times editorial? The one that CNN and the other cable news alphabets lost their minds over back in 2018. Media excitedly pitched names of possible cabinet inner circle members. Today, some dude no one has ever heard of pushed his way from anonymity to claim his progressive accolades:


Sad trombone!

The high fives he was expecting don’t seem to be materializing:

Miles Taylor, previously a lifelong government employee, was a glorified latte fetcher who hid his name to mislead readers into thinking that his editorial was written by someone other than a dude who had little to no access to Trump.

In reality, Taylor was a Democrat who became a CNN contributor.

Taylor was more interesting before he confirmed that he and his drama were nothingburgers. He didn’t mislead people by himself, the New York Times aided him by publishing his editorial as “anonymous.” This is the actual interesting story here: the NYT ran this human grumpy cat’s hot take as though he was some senior advisor. This dude hadn’t worked a day of his professional life in the private sector until he somehow parlayed his office assistant career into a CNN contributorship so instead of working for the government he can talk about working for the government. Not only is the “free” press dead but with it any standards for content, accuracy, or relevancy.

Can we go back to talking about the Bidens and their deals with communist China now?

(P.S. Taylor is the top Twitter trend right now. Tony Bobulinski, who spoke last night with Tucker Carlson, generated over 1.6 million tweets last night and was kept at #27.)


Well, they didn’t fire one of their contributors for “Toobin” it on a work Zoom call, either.

There’s always a tweet, they say: