I spoke with 2016 contender Donald Trump today on my Blaze television program and asked him about sharing Lindsey Graham's cell phone number with the public, the Planned Parenthood controversy, same sex marriage, what he would do to fix the VA, and whether he intends to run third party—which he flatly denied. Said Trump:

“I will only ever run as a Republican.”

On the topic of the Planned Parenthood videos:

“The way that woman is eating her salad … it's disgusting, it's disgusting, and absolutely they should be defunded. So cavalier, so horrible … I thought it was a disgrace.”

He also said “I'd fire everyone at the VA” when discussing the lastest controversy affecting veterans.

“You fix it with good management. You fix it by getting Trump elected President. I'd fire everybody. It would be so good, and I'd get the best managers. We have a bunch of guys that don't know what they're doing.”

The first video covers Graham, Planned Parenthood, immigration. The second hits upon same sex marriage, Chattanooga, and the VA. Listen to the full interview below for more.