Earlier today Raymond Tittmann, fellow 97′ Notre Dame Law School grad alongside Amy Coney Barrett, joined the radio program and defended the SCOTUS nominee from the barrage of attacks she’s received since her nomination was announced. While alumni who didn’t know her or even attend undergrad at Rhodes College with her signed a letter protesting her nomination, those who actually knew and know her — both right and left — have spoken up in defense of the highly qualified jurist. 

Tittmann, a successful lawyer with offices in California and Texas, describes Barrett’s originalism; the late Justice Antonin Scalia himself was an originalist and Barrett, his favorite former clerk, is considered his ideological heir. He refutes the narrative that Barrett was or is a firebrand but says, as seen with her pushback to Sen. Feinstein’s now infamous “the dogma lives loudly in you” remark. 

“It’s a complete 180” says Tittmann to the idea that Barrett would compromise her originalist stance for ideology. When asked how Barrett would perform in front of a hostile Senate run by Democrats would led the Kavanaugh witch hunt: “She’ll eat them alive.”

Watch the conversation via the simulcast for The First below. 

Tomorrow I’ll speak with another classmate of Barrett’s. 

*Update: Apologies for the typo in the headline. Oddly, auto-correct accepted “Coney” in tagging and in the body but not in the headline. I missed when publishing. Corrected.